Welcome to Spirit Cheshire

Spiritual & Paranormal Investigation & Research Team

Spirit Cheshire are a paranormal group based in Cheshire, UK consisting of a number of members from a broad spectrum of life. We endeavour to attempt to answer the mysteries and questions that have been surrounding mankind for centuries.
Using state of the art sensing equipment such as high intensity low light video imaging, electromagnetic trip sensors, dedicated high resolution cameras, atmospheric readout devices, high fidelity sound recording machines and more, we aim to capture that of which most have rarely seen but heard of. This alone has yielded results for us.
But where Spirit differs from other groups is the collection of minds in our team.

We have sceptics to try and unlock natural reason to phenomena and keep reality in touch, open minded investigators to act as our jury, and at the other end we have psychic mediums who have had their work confirmed by many many people.

This is our bridge to the other side, and this combined with our team of paranormal investigators, equipment technicians, video analysts, location scouts and our very own historian, we think that we have become the spearhead of the search for the truth behind the supernatural in our county.
In these ever changing times, the only thing constant is the happenings that we can not explain.

We are Spirit, we are serious and we BELIEVE.

Spiritual and Paranormal Investigation and Research Team