A tale from Crewe railway works

By Anonymous

A short tale about a building in Crewe Railway works experienced in around 1995.

In my younger days when I left school I did a bit of cleaning work in offices and canteens in and around crewe works.

One day I was asked to go to a block roughly by where Eagle bridge Medical Centre now stands.
I went into the building and the office was like something you see out of a 1940/1950s war film or something along them lines if you can picture it.

There was a big oak desk and a pendulum clock on the wall ticking away and it was like i was in another time.
Most of the works over that side were like this and remained unchanged.
This office was within one of the big massive works buildings and within it was a was a portacabin which was set into the roof high up that was used as a canteen area for the workers.
You got to it by going up some very high metal stairs.

After I did what I had to do in the office I walked through the big works building and went up the high stairs into the canteen.
All I had to do was wipe tables and do the obvious tasks, when I was ready to leave I did a quick mop of the canteen floor and as i was nearly finished I heard somebody coming up the stairs, I could quite clearly hear the tapping of the metal staircase.

I went to the canteen door and shouted out if there was anybody there and there wasnt.
I know I was the only one in that building as because the works was so big we had to be careful and lock ourselves into places.
Well i’ve never left a place so quick, I was about 17 and believed in this sort of thing as I always have and was going to the spiritualist church at the time and was learning about this sort of thing.

I always wondered what the hell came up them stairs and as I was on my own i’ll never know if anyone else could have heard it