Denbigh Asylum, Denbigh, North Wales

Denbigh Asylum Aerial View
Aerial view provided by Google Earth

Denbigh Asylum

As this is an extremely hazardous place we decided to leave after just 1 hr of our visit.

Although this was a very dark and eerie place, during our short visit we did not actually experience anything paranormal or even unusual, just the expected feelings of wanting to leave, A.S.A.P.

Below are just a few of the photographs taken on our late night visit to Denbigh Asylum.

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This following Photograph of The Main Hall, (date unknown,) Courtesy of The North Wales Hospital Historical Societyonce stood in the centre of the complex, this can be seen in the centre of the aerial view at the top of this page, by a very large single roof span.

This part of the building was sadly destroyed by fire on 23/11/2008, just 3 weeks after a paranormal show was broadcast live on TV on this site.

Denbigh Asylum