Eastern Airlines Flight 401

The Facts

BobEastern Airlines flight 401 was a lockheed L-1011 Jet that crashed into the Florida Everglades on the evening of December 29th,1972 which resulted in 101 fatalities.

The crew were busy trying to sort out a malfunction of the landing gear when they failed to notice that the autopilot facility had become deactivated.

At the time of the crash this was the deadliest air crash in the United States.

Some of the wreckage was recovered and some of the parts were salvaged to be used on other jets when needed.

The Haunting

DonOver the next few months and years some employees of Eastern airlines complained of sightings of the spirits of captain Bob Loft (Pictured above right) and second officer Don Repo (Pictured right) who had died in the crash of flight 401.

It was eventually found that the spirits appeared on the aircraft that were fitted with the salvaged parts from flight 401 and eventually Eastern Airlines removed these parts from the aircraft where these sightings occured and told employees to never mention these sightings again or face dismissal.

Below is a very rare photo of aircraft N310EA pictured arriving in St. Louis in the winter of 1972 for ground crew training.

This was likely taken just weeks before the crash.

Flight 401

Photographs above supplied courtesy of  Peter Weingard