M Club, Crewe

History Of The Building/Site

M ClubIn its time this site has been used for many different forms of entertainment, the site first started out as a row of terreced houses with some small shops, which were demolished to make way for the current building (Date Unknown). The building was first used as a dance hall for several years and then was purchased by the Apollo Group and converted into a 3 screen cinema, situated on the 1st and 2nd floors, with the ground floor turned into a large bingo hall.

This was a very popular venue for all ages, young and old, for many further years, but on the opening of the new Pheonix Leisure Park in September 2005, the cinema/bingo hall finally closed its doors to the public. The building then lay unused for quite a few months before finally being purchased and recieved many alterations for which it then reopened as a Live Music venue, now widely known as the M Club.

Current Use Of The Building

M ClubThe building has been used as a Live Music venue for several years featuring many well known artists/bands including a lot of upcoming new artists/bands from around the region. It attracted many people from all over, with events to entertain people from teenagers to the elderly. Unfortunately the cinema remained disused but screen 1 on the first floor was stripped and converted into a recording studio.

As of April 2010 the M Club finally closed it doors to the public in preparation for demolition of the entire area to make way for a newly proposed supermarket, multi-story car park and landscaping of the remaining surrounding area later in the year.

Unexplainable Events

M ClubMany stories have been told of odd events taking place on all floors within the building, some of which could not be explained.

Heavy footsteps, lights found on, voices heard calling peoples names, things vanishing and then reappearing elsewhere in the buildings days later, items being thrown from what seemed like nowhere, a feeling of been followed or watched plus many other unexplainable phenomena.

Some of these events were also experienced by the team while on loaction.

High Street Crewe - M Club

Aerial view provided by Google Earth

The team visit the M Club

M Club CreweWe arrived at the M club at 19.30 and were greeted by  the Owner/Manager.

We introduced ourselves and explained what our group is about and then taken on a tour of the building to get us used to the layout of all the floors.

The main entrance hall which was painted in Apollo colours and used to be the ticket purchasing area and sold popcorn and a range of sweets is now all painted in black and the counter is now used as a main reception area for paying customers to purchase tickets for events or purchase T-shirts and souvenirs of their favourite bands that have performed at this great music club.

M Club CreweWe first went into the big main area of the club which used to be the side that housed the Apollo Bingo Hall but has changed a lot and is virtually unrecognisable now to the people who spent many hours enjoying a game of bingo. This is now a big dance floor and stage area and all the walls are painted black.

There is a large bar at the opposite end of the stage, the bingo caller used to stand on the stage but now has been extended outwards to accommodate bands and equipment and is all painted black, the mini bar in the back corner which used to serve hot food to the bingo customers still exists but now only as a normal drinks bar.

M Club CreweAs we were stood over in the far corner by the mini bar one of our group members who is a sensitive noticed a figure of an old lady walk across the dance floor and the owner noticed her looking and asked what she was actually looking at and she told him what she had seen which interested him as someone had previously seen this figure himself when in the club, this person is a good credible witness and a respected member of the community and due to the nature of their job cannot be named for legal reasons.
The old lady walked from the entrance door and went across the dance floor to towards the stage area.

M Club CreweWe carried on with our walk around of the dance floor area and proceeded to the cellar and was shown many different rooms. One of these rooms is the area with all the barrels in that supply the bar area with drinks and next door to this is the barrel storage area.
We were taken to a place which is actually bricked up with no access, not much is known about why this area is bricked up or for what reasons.

We were shown how to get access underneath the stage if we wished to set up equipment down there.

M Club CreweThen we were taken up to the first floor, the main staircase is still in the original Apollo cinema colours and hasn’t changed to those who remember it well.
The main staircase still bears the posters of the Movies that were showing when the Apollo finally closed its doors to the public, this area is a very interesting place to visit indeed.
This area leads up to what used to be a cinema screen which we will refer to as cinema screen one.

Just before you go through the door to cinema screen one there is a doorway, when walking past this doorway the group sensitive who saw the lady downstairs stopped suddenly at this doorway and looked up the steps going up to a raised area.
The owner saw her stop dead and asked what was the matter, she said she really didn’t want to go in there as it didn’t feel right, he was interested in this as a paranormal group had been there before and the group medium had picked out the very same room and said that they did not like it in there either.
We were told that this room which is accessed through the doorway and then up a small staircase was the cinema screen one projection room which is now empty.

M Club CreweWe carried on at this point and went through the door into the old cinema screen one room itself.
Cinema screen one does not exist anymore but has been turned into a recording studio for up and coming bands in the area.
The only thing that exists of the cinema now is the screen which is behind a false wall where there is still small access to it and the red curtain still hangs over the cinema screen to this day.

All the chairs and seats were removed and the floor is no longer sloped, the floor is level and looks entirely different as a recording studio rather than the cinema that it used to be.
The recording studio is a very well lit area with white walls and very spacious. Nothing much was picked up on in this room but we were told that many of the people who worked in here on their own felt uneasy sometimes.

M Club CreweWe then proceeded to the second floor of the building.

On the second floor when you stand on the landing is a small room which used to be used by a community radio station to broadcast from and there is a staircase next to this which leads down to a toilet area which was used by cinema goers some years ago.
There is no access out of this toilet area at all, you have to come back up the stairs to get out of the building.

We walked down the main corridor on the second floor which is accessed through double doors. All of this area is still painted in the original Apollo cinema colours and the carpet is still the carpet bearing the Apollo cinema logos.
We walked into a door which we will refer to as cinema screen 2.
This has not been used since the Apollo shut down.
The chairs are still in here which were used by thousands of people over the years and the screen still exists, this room has not changed, it is just used to store equipment.
We didn’t feel much in this room at this point but were very interested nonetheless.

M Club CreweWe came out of here and walked down to the far end of the corridor which leads to a room we will refer to as cinema screen 3.

Straight away the group sensitive said that there was a male presence in this room and felt that he hangs around in the right hand corner of the room as you are looking towards the cinema screen from the top of the stairs that lead down past the seats.

She felt he was not a threatening presence but he liked to watch people and and just observe what they are up to.
The owner confirmed that the previous group had said this also.

M Club CreweThe very top of the building on the 3rd floor was historically the most interesting, this is the projection area for both cinema 2 and cinema 3.
The projection equipment still exists and there are cabinets with film reels inside and the whole room bears posters of movies with one of them being the poster advertising the movie Ghost Ship which was rather exciting.
There is 2 sets of stairs that lead to this top projection area, on one side of this projection room the main stairs are made of concrete which leads to all floors of the building and into the cellar, the other set is on the other side of the room and is a narrow red painted spiral staircase which leads down to the second floor landing where the stairs that lead down to the toilet.

M Club CreweWe then were left in the building for a few hours on our own to do some minor walk arounds of the building by ourselves in groups of 2 to get a feel of the place and to take photographs and some video so we could decide what we were going to do when we finally did a main vigil of this brilliant building which we must say we enjoyed very much having the opportunity to go and visit which we thank the current owner for letting us into this fantastic time machine.

During our many visits to the M Club in Crewe, we used various video cameras to record the team doing call outs.
You can view some of these via our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

The following photos are just a small selection that have been chosen for your viewing, taken over several nightime visits at the M Club.
A total in excess of 5000 have been taken so far.
We may decide to add more to here in the future.

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