Meet The Team

RachelName: Rachel Griffiths
Team Postition: Sensitive/Investigator

I decided to form this group as I have always had a keen interest in the paranormal and anything spiritual from a very young age.
I have read many books on this subject for as long as I can remember. I’m a believer of the group, i’ve always believed in the presence of ghosts and the other side and my aim is to prove this to other people who would like to find out the truth.
I’ve had numerous spiritual readings done over the last 13 years and as a person I know that this can be done. Our people in the spirit group are a very good mix of people from different backgrounds with a good mix of different beliefs.We have believers, skeptics and people who are of mixed opinions.I want to gather evidence to prove to you that death isnt the end, I do 100% believe after death we move onto somewhere else
I have always been curious to what is out there and I dont think there’s enough research done to prove this.As a believer I will put my beliefs aside and approach the vigils we do with total dedication to gathering truthful evidence for you the readers to make up your own minds.
I will not use the things i believe in to influence the investigations in anyway.

JasonName: Jason Griffiths
Team Position: Website Designer/Media Analyst/Investigator

I am a person that I suppose is in the middle range of the beliefs in this group, I’m neither a believer nor a skeptic.
I believe there is something out there and joined spirit in the hope of proving to others and myself if there really is anything out there to be found.
I believe there are many explanations for things that may seem paranormal but since I have been in spirit there are some things I cannot explain in a rational manner.
I will go about my work in spirit in a sensible fashion and try to put all my findings and opinions into reasonable explanations.
I am the video and photo analyzer/investigator of the group and have already spent hours going through footage which we have collected up to now which has proved very exciting.
I will approach my work in this group with finding reasonable evidence of the paranormal and will always try to find a reason of why the happenings we find occur and what they could maybe be put down to.
I will record my facts and evidence as true as I find it and I will leave you to make up your own minds about the places we visit and the things we do.

LeanneName: Leanne Beaton
Team Postition: Psychic Medium

In this wonderful group I am the Psychic Medium.
I see and hear people from the other side and occasionally bring forward beloved pets that have passed over.
I have seen too much to believe there is nothing .. Good and bad.
I like sceptics as they keep the people like myself and others real.
I have joined this group because I have always been interested in the paranormal and have been dealing with the paranormal since a very early age. Spirit have given me the opportunity to be me and accept me for who I am.
If they are out there I will know ………..

SpikeName: Spike Evanson
Team Postition: Investigator/Skeptic

Even though my partner is a psychic medium I am still a skeptic.
I always try to rule out possibilities of the paranormal and try to find the logic in the happenings that occur.
I am joining spirit because I would like to experience something myself and hope to bring some positive ideas to the group.

Spiritual and Paranormal Investigation and Research Team