Moreton Corbet

Moreton CorbettThese historic ruins are located inside the village of Moreton Corbet itself.
Just 9 miles from Shrewsbury, we were privileged to investigate a place with such history.

The castle itself was built by Bartholomew Torret in around 1200.
It was build over a period of 500 years.

The timber castle was first established in around 1100. It fell into the hands of the Corbet family by marriage in 1239, who gave their name to the village.

Moreton CorbettFrom 1300 onwards, the timber castle was slowly replaced with stone.

The castle was extended in 1518 by Robert Corbet, who passed away in 1583.

The Corbet family still own the castle to this day, although the site is managed by the English Heritage.

Next door to the fortress is the substantial remains of an Elizabethan mansion build by the Corbet family in the late 16th Century.

When Robert Corbet died in 1583 his son Richard inherited the mansion and started to transform it by adding features and furnishings he saw in books that were from Europe.

The mansion was damaged in the Civil War and was repaired but then sadly fell into disrepair in the 18th Century when the family chose to live elsewhere.

The Haunting

Moreton CorbettIt is said that the grounds are haunted by the ghost of Paul Holmyard.

He was a puritan, who at the time of their persecution, was given protection by Vincent Corbet, But as the puritans became more fanatical, Vincent Corbet felt he could no longer provide protection and Paul Holmyard was forced to leave.

Paul had to take shelter in the nearby woods.

One day when Vincent Corbet was planning more building work, Paul appeared and lay a curse upon Vincent, and to this day the ghost of Paul can be seen wandering the grounds.

This first visit was to gather the history and take photographs. We will return very soon to conduct the paranormal investigation.

Moreton Corbett Castle – Day time Visit

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Moreton Corbett Castle – Night time Visit

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