Old Barony Hospital Complex, Nantwich

NantwichMap1908-2500History Of The Building/Site

In 1780 a workhouse was built on Barony Road in Nantwich.
It was 3 storeys high with a single-storey entrance block at the front.
A school designed by John Aldersey Davenport was then built in 1879.
On the ground floor were school rooms and day rooms, a dining room and kitchen were also on the ground floor, the upper floor consisted of dormitories.

In 1890 an infirmary was built on the east side of the workhouse costing £4,500, it had 70 beds and also there were day rooms for patients and seperate wards for special cases.
In 1894 a 70 bed womens hospital was added to the site and across the way was a living facility for 15 nurses.

Barony BuildingsAfter 1912 the workhouse became officially the Nantwich poor Law institution and had 308 inmates and 18 officers in residence.
Then in 1930’s the institution became known as the Barony county institution and hospital.

Under the national health service it became known as the Barony Hospital which finally closed in full in 1994.

The workhouse building is now used by local health trust offices and the former children’s home is now used as a health services call centre.

Barony BuildingsThe building we were requested to investigate is now known as frederick house and houses offices for different companies and also a small cafe for the office workers

Many reports have been received of strange goings on within these buildings such as voices, footsteps, smells and objects being moved around or disappearing then reappearing elsewhere.

Some people who work within these buildings have had the feeling of someone being present and being followed around.

Below is an aerial view of the Old Barony Hospital complex in full.
Top centre is the site location that the Spirit Cheshire team were requested to visit after unusual & unexplainable events took place.

Barony Hospital Complex

Aerial view provided by Google Earth

We captured many unexplainable visual and audio phenomenons using our digital recording devices and video cameras during our investigation.
Clips can be viewed on our official YOU TUBE channel.