The Curse Of The Crying Boy

The stories began around 1985, when several mysterious fires occurred all around England.

When the debris was sifted through the only item that remained un-charred was a painting of a little boy with a tear rolling his cheek in every fire. Could this all be coincidence?

Crying BoyWhether real or not a Yorkshire fireman was so upset that he talked with the “Sun” newspaper in England.

They ran his story about how everything in the home was consumed by fire except for a painting of a crying boy. There were at that time more than one of these paintings around and each seemed to have the same effect.
The home and all contents would be totally destroyed but the painting of the little crying boy would not show any sign at all of going through a fire. The newspaper began receiving telephone calls from people all over the area that had similar stories to tell about the crying boy painting.

One person that called the “Sun” was Dora Mann of Mitcham and she has been quoted as saying “Only six months after I had bought the picture, my house was completely gutted by fire. All my paintings were destroyed, except the one of the crying boy.” After one month of hearing all the tales, the “Sun” gave their readers the chance to bring their crying boy paintings and agreed to have a very large bonfire to rid everyone of this cursed or jinxed painting. All paintings that were brought to the newspaper were in fact burned and everyone rejoiced.

However, the story goes on.
There have been reports of the crying boy painting being found in charred homes untouched since 1985 and as recent as 1988.

No one knows for sure who the artists might be and where he got the idea to paint a portrait of a crying boy, the rumors are many and the tale is still around.

The fact is beware if you find a beautiful painting of a sad, little crying boy!