The day i realised there really are ghosts

By Anonymous

The first time I realised that there was something else other than the time/place we live in I was around 8 years old.
My mum and dad decided to buy a house and made various appointments to view houses.
We went to a few around the crewe area but nothing prepared me for one particular house we went into.

This house was very strange as we were given the key by the estate agent and we allowed to view this one on our own, there was me, my brother aged around 18 months, my mum, my dad and our dog.

It was weird, the furniture was in there, the place just felt funny, I have this thing where I can sense if something is not quite right.
I didnt like it one bit, in fact I hated it, I wanted to get out and go home.

We viewed the downstairs and then my dad started to walk up the stairs and the dog just stood at the bottom with my mum, I wouldnt go up and decided to wait down stairs for the others,as soon as my dad got to the top of the stairs my brother screamed and kicked off, my dog wasnt acting normal either, her fur was up on her back, my mum just said come back down I want to get out of here.

As we drove away I noticed there was a light on in the livingroom and I knew fine well we never left any on so I wasnt impressed much by this as I knew it wasnt right.

That night at my house I went upstairs to my room, as I went past my mums bedroom door I heard her on the phone to my aunty, She was telling her how she couldnt bring herself to go upstairs, me being silly decided to earwig on the rest of the conversation, she was telling my aunty how it was going cheap because a man cut his throat at the top of the stairs after an argument with his girlfriend who was a nurse at our local hospital.
The nurse couldnt bring herself to go back to the house and wanted rid of it by having a cheap quick sale.

Well this scared me to death,my mum caught sight of me and went mad id listened in on the conversation, I obviously wasnt meant to hear any of this.

I still havent forgotten, I still think of this everytime I drive past this house.
Im not so scared now but I lied in bed for weeks with this playing on my mind when I was little.

I learned 2 lessons, dont listen in because you might not like what you hear and I also learned that we are not alone.